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The Avaya IP Office Partner Edition phone system, is the latest addition to the Avaya family for small and mid sized business.   This system represents an evolution from the older Avaya ACS systems, with more features, greater reliability, and easier programming features.

This system is perfect for Small business owners looking into their first business phone system.   It is both affordable, while having the ability to grow significantly with your business.

The technology is extremely flexible, allowing the use of both traditional phones and the newer IP based phones.   It is expandable up to 46 extensions, with voicemail for each and can be configured easily for multi-line conferencing, auto transfer and auto attendant features.

As new features and fixes become available, a simple upgrade of the memory card can update the entire unit without losing your custom configuration.

Hal-Com experts are specifically trained in the installation and maintenance of these systems.  We can both install them, and create the wiring infrastructure you need to take your business into the future for many many years.

Hal-Com  has been a reliable and  knowledgeable  service partner to hundreds of businesses over the years.  Please call us for a quote on an Avaya IP Office  phone system for your Northern NJ Business at (973) 335-4000 or email us at

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