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Avaya Partner ACS

Avaya Partner

Avaya Partner ACS

The Avaya Partner ACS series is previous generation analog phone system that is still widely used today.

Hal-Com experts are able to maintain and extend the Avaya Partner system. This potentially saves you from investing in a new phone system.  Our experts know all aspects of programming, maintaining, debugging issues on this system. Hal-Com is capable of performing many upgrades that may allow you to extend the life of your installation for many years.

Our Services include:

  • Addition of voicemail and voice message features
  • Addition of extensions.
  • Replacement of damaged or failed components.

Hal-Com has been a reliable and  knowledgeable  service partner to hundreds of Northern NJ businesses over the years. If you need your Avaya Partner ACS phone system serviced  please call us for a quote at (973) 335-4000 or email us at


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