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Cabling Installation/Maintenance

Cabling Installation/Maintenance for Voice & Data

Lost connectivity on one of your network cables or phone lines? Hal-Com specializes in voice and data cabling installation maintenance. Let us take a look and correct the problem.

  • Cabling Installation and Maintenance We will test, repair, re-terminate any connections that are suspect, at the wall jack or patch panel, and replace defective voice and data cables as needed.
  • Have you lost dial tone to your fax machine or to your phone system?  Give us a call.
  • Do you have noise or static on your voice lines?  We can help find the trouble.
  • Are some of your network cables run down the walls in your offices?  We can fish them down the inside of the walls and terminate the connections on jacks in flush mounted wall plates.
  • Are all or some of your network cables plugged directly into your switch?   Terminate these cables on a patch panel for easy network identification and access.

Hal-Com LLC has been a reliable and knowledgeable service partner to hundreds of Northern NJ businesses over the years.  Please call us for a quote of your voice and data cabling installation /maintenance needs at (973) 335-4000 or email us at

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